VIP TALK SHOW with Somrak Kamsing-Leo and Antoine Pinto on Ch9

WOODY TALK SHOW with Leo and Antoine Pinto on Channel 9


FUZE TEA - Commercial TV video with Antoine Pinto

STRIKER LABEL - Commercial New Vintage Boxing Shorts


THAI FIGHT New Power - Presentation 2013 - Pinto brothers on channel 3

INTERVIEW Featuring 2013 - Pinto brothers for Martial spirit TV

Antoine Pinto and Waii Kamikaze interview after

training Muaythai on Channel 9

Antoine Pinto aka Antuan Siangboxing on the EMIRATES airways 

program channel magazine !!

Antoine et Victor Pinto training BJJ with Rodrigo Praxedes from Brazil

Antoine Pinto anime un TV SHOW sur Daily News TV Thailand en compagnie de la presentatrice Emma Zulaimarn.Tous les mois cette emission dediee exclusivement a la boxe thai du nom de "Muay Guru" traite de tous les aspects et problemes du Muaythai en Thailande(en langue Thai).Les invites sont des boxeuses,boxeurs,promoteurs,bookmakers gamblers,entraineurs,proprietaires de gyms,journalistes specialises...
Seconde du genre le prochain rendez vous sur le satelite est le 11 septembre 2012 avec Zaza Sor Aree en invitee.



WBC Muaythai Ranking
SUPER WELTERWEIGHT (154 lbs, 69.853 kg)
1.Saiyok Windy Sport (THA)
2.Buakaw P. Pramuk (THA)
3.Sudsakorn S. Klinmee (THA)
4.Moses T. Saengtiennoy (THA)
5.Prakaysaeng Sitoar (THA)
6.Antuan Siangboxing (FRA)
7.Thepsutin Pumpanmuang (THA)

INTERVIEW FIGHTERS TV - Antoine Pinto in Italy


Antoine Pinto aka Antuan Siangboxing Interview TV7 during the show of the famous R&B singer Waii Kamikaze on channel 7 Thailand in Bangkok

Muaysiam Magazine/Antuan Siangboxing
Muaysiam Magazine/Antuan Siangboxing
MUAYSIAM TODAY "I love Muaythai"-
MUAYSIAM TODAY "I love Muaythai"-

Muaysiam Today
12th may 2012 Siam Omnoi stadium -Channel 3- 1pm

RESULTS-RESULTATS A la sortie de l'hopital: Antoine a les 2 cotes flottantes droite felees dans le round 2.A l'appel du round 3 et 4 il refuse d'arreter le combat de son proche chef alors qu'il ne peut plus ni respirer,ni utiiser son cote droit,ni bloquer.Decision sans appel: Antoine perd par tko round 4 contre dernchonlek. Just come back from hospital:2 right ribs broken in round 2.In the rounds 3 and 4 antoine refuse to stop the fight and continute but he can't brise,block and use his right side:Antoine lose by tko round 4 vs Dernchonlek.


International Ranking 155 Lbs

April 2012




May 2012

Ranked number 8

154 lbs


Antuan Siangboxing

March 2012

Ranked number 9

154 lbs

WAII KAMIKAZE (the famous singer) in Siangboxing Gym

Antuan Siangboxing and Waii Kamikaze
Antuan Siangboxing and Waii Kamikaze

 ‎17th March 2012 - Channel 11
Imperial Ladphrao Stadium- Bangkok-Start 02.00PM.
Antuan Siangboxing Vs Thepsutin Phumpanmuang

Channel 11/bangkok/17th march 2012
Antuan Siangboxing winner by KO round 04 Vs Thepsutin Phumpanmuang (current Thailand champion,Channel 7 Champion,Number 1 Lumpinee stadium & WMC...)

ANTUAN with WAII  Kamikaze in GOSSIP STAR Magazine


FighterZone Kickboxing World Series MAX
Singapore - 25th february 2012
- Andy Souwer(Holand) vs Naruepol Fairtex(Thailand)
- Antuan Siangboxing(France) vs Bow Suweilek(Malaysia)
- Albert Kraus(Holand) vs Ekapop Sor Klinmee(Thaiand)
- Henri Van Opstal(Holand) vs Kim Dong Su(Korea)
- Leo Siangboxing(France) vs Lee Jin Hwan(Korea)
- Mathias Siangboxing(Italy) vs Tum Sityodtong(Thailand)

WKN Australia
WKN Australia

Gold Coast - Australia - 7th April 2012

WKN World title
Muaythai / 5X3 MN / -96.600kg Heavyweight
Stéphane SUSPERREGUI (France) vs Nathan CORBETT (Australia)

WKN World title
Muaythai / 5X3 MN / -69.900kg Welterweight
Antuan Siangboxing (France) vs Franki Giorgi (Australia)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Antoine Pinto talks upcoming I-1 World Muay Thai Extreme 2011 event

Antoine Pinto a.k.a. Antuan Siangboxing will be fighting as part of the one night, four man tournament at the I-1 Extreme 2011 event. Coming off a good run on “The Challenger Muaythai” reality TV show, the young fighter has been very active as he continues to take on some of the best fighters around the world. Antoine took some time to answer a few questions for Muay Thai Authority about the upcoming tournament, who he would like to fight in the future and more.

MTA: The Challenger Muaythai just finished airing; it seemed people enjoyed you on the show. How was the experience?

Antoine: I think the viewers of TV have loves and enjoyed my Thai boxing style. It was a new experience to live with other fighters but I don't like to prepare and fight without my trainer, coaches and family.

MTA: You are fighting in the one night tournament at I-1 Extreme, is there anyone of the other fighters you would prefer to fight in the first round of the tournament?

Antoine: In the first round I had the choice. I wanted to fight Cyrus Washington but the promotion refused and gave me another opponent (Ilya Grad).

MTA: Do you prepare for a one night tournament differently than you would for a normal fight?

Antoine: Yes, because you have to adapt to different styles of several fighters.

MTA: What do you think is the key to winning the tournament as far as strategy goes?

Antoine: Fighting as few rounds as possible and not getting hurt.

MTA: Do you already have plans for your fights next year?

Antoine: Winning the Toyota Cup, fighting in Fighter Zone World Series 2012, coming back to Lumpinee and Siam Omnoi stadiums for some big fights, may be fighting in North America.

MTA: Is there anyone you feel you would like to particularly face next year?

Antoine: I fought all the best fighter in the world the last 2 years. It’s time for Buakaw, but not sure they would accept to fight against me.

MTA: How are things at Siangboxing, were you affected by the flooding in Thailand at all?

Antoine: No, we are lucky and some fighters of other gyms came to my place to live and train, like Sentiengnoi boxers.

MTA: Your brother Victor will be fighting at the I-1 Extreme event as well. When you fight on the same events he does is it hard to simply focus on your fights knowing he will be fighting as well?

Antoine: Not easy because I'm scared for him and my brother as well for me, but it’s good for me because he's in my corner and gives me heart.

I-1 World Muaythai Grand Prix
Super8 Hong Kong - China

21th April 2011

2011 WMC World Champion 66kg I-1 Grand Prix - Hong Kong
2011 WMC World Champion 66kg I-1 Grand Prix - Hong Kong


JUNE 2011 - CHALLENGER Muaythai


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

contender asia 2 - the challenger muaythai
contender asia 2 - the challenger muaythai


(The Challenger Muay Thai Asia 2011) Antoine Pinto

- the phenom - Antuan siangboxing winner by TKO

Antoine Pinto aka Antuan siangboxing - Challenger Muaythai - Contender Asia 2
Antoine Pinto aka Antuan siangboxing - Challenger Muaythai - Contender Asia 2

12 EPISODES - 1 by Week - START 15th September 2011 on AXN tv

ANTOINE PINTO VS ILYAD GRAD (The Challenger Muay Thai Asia 2011)
Antoine Pinto - the phenom - Antuan siangboxing winner by decision

ELITE BOXING  Thailand vs Challenger


23th JULY 2011

Antuan Siangboxing vs Saenchainoi (Th)

ANTUAN SIANGBOXING Winner by unanimus decision Vs SAENCHAINOI


28th OCTOBER 2011


Channel 7

28th october 2011 CH7

Yodsanklai Fairtex winner by points vs Sirimongkon Sitanupap
... Antuan Siangboxing (France)winner by points vs Chanik Ali Muchavi (Iran)
Ekpracha Meenayotin winner TKO R1 vs Tobias Alexander (Sweden)
Prakayseng winner by points vs Tomoyuke Mishikawa (Japan)

Yodsanklai Fairtex winner by points 29/28 vs Antuan Siangboxing (France)
Prakayseng Kaeyanghaadao winner by points vs Ekpracha Meenayotin

Prakayseng Kaeyanghaadao winner by points vs Yodsanklai Fairtex


Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia - AXN tv


Antuan Siangboxing (Antoine Pinto) France winner by tko round 5

Vs Faizal (Malaysia)

19th DECEMBER 2011


Antuan and Leo Siangboxing in WMC I-1

 World Muaythai GRAND XTREME 2011


Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa), a.k.a. "Cheetah", 2-time South African Muaythai Champion and African Kickboxing Champion;
Antoine Pinto (France), a.k.a. "Phenom" WAKO European Champion and current I-1 Grand Prix World Champion;
Ilya Grad (Israel), a.k.a. "Achilles", 4-time Israeli Champion and IFMA Asian Champion; and
Zhang Lei (China), a.k.a. "Jade Assassin", current Champion of China and winner of China International Fight Competition

On the card as Super Fights:
Santichai Or Boonchuay (Thailand), a.k.a. "Tom Yum Goong", former I-1 World Grand Prix and International Grand Prix Champion
Jason Woodham (England) a.k.a. "Handsome Warrior", WMC MAD Champion and IMKO English Champion

Teelek Fantasy (Thailand), former No.1 Fighter in Lumpinee Stadium and No.2 Fighter in Rajadamnern Stadium
Valdet Gashi (Germany), a.k.a. "Thunder Cat", 3-time German Champion

Lo Kit Fung (Hong Kong China), a highly rated local rising star
vs, in WKBC rules,
Victor Pinto (France), a.k.a. "Leo Siangboxing", Best Fighter Award Winner of Channel 5 and Lumpinee Stadium


Introducing Dubai Top Team: Interview with Antuan Siangboxing

Introducing Dubai Top Team: Interview with Antuan Siangboxing

Q: How did you start your sport career?

I’ve started my sport career by doing adventure outdoor sports like rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, cannoning, caving, etc. I used to do that in Pyrenean mountains in France and as well as in Spain. After some time I immigrated with my family to Thailand and discovered Muaythai for myself.

Q: Why muaythai?

Well, at the beginning muaythai was the key to have new friends and get used to new cultural conditions, as we were the only Occidental family in the village we moved to. Moreover, that was the best way to learn Thai language in a short period of time. When I got friends I found out that they are all muaythai fighters, therefore, I can say that I chose this sport also because of my friends.

Q: Did you have any goal to achieve when you got into the world of muaythai?

When I started doing muaythai I dreamed of fighting in Lumpinee stadium. I believed that it was the place to be as it’s one of the most popular stages in Thailand. Moreover, it’s known on the international level. I realized my dream when I was 14, and I was the first youngest Occidental fighter to do that (along with my brother Leo).

Q: Now when you are a professional fighter, did your goals changed somehow?

Today I have 5 world titles in different weights and Federations, ranked top 10 in Lumpinee, Siam Omnoi and World Muaythai Council. So, I fight around the world on the most prestigious stadiums and boxing events. After 133 professional fights at 20 years old … I believe that I’ve realised my dream, and I hope that lots of young muaythai fighters will have as exciting upturn in sports as I did.

Q: If yes, then what would you like to achieve now?

Today I want to remain one of the Top 10 ranked fighters in the world. And of course maybe in the nearest future I’ll become strong enough to be the #1 Fighter. However, that’s not the top priority for me. I’m sure that the main goal for any fighter is to bring excitement and joy to spectators as well as high quality performances to promoters because these people part of the success.

Q: Can you tell us about the most memorable highlight within your career?

The most memorable moment for me was when I realized that I won in a title fight versus Bovy Sor Udomson, who is the real legend and who’s considered as one of the best fighters in the world, in Thailand. I became the winner and the WPMF World Champion.
I still remember this competition as it was hard. That time I had to use all my skills and knowledge to show my real level, and to prove that I can be better even than one of the best fighters of the century.

Q: What do you feel when you become the winner?

I strongly believe that if you are in a good team (because it’s with the work of all your partners), train hard and have a good heart you can be Champion. There’s no term as “Chance” for me when it comes to Thai boxing.

Q: What do you feel when you lose?

When I lose a fight I’m trying to find out reasons for that. Therefore, all my defeats open for me new opportunities to develop my technical skills, to be stronger, and to perform better in next competitions.



Interview Exclusif

Antoine Pinto, je vis la tradition du muay Thai

Jeudi 1 Septembre 2011 - 17:52

Ils y a plus de 10 ans Serge Pinto et sa femme en décide de tous plaqué en France pour tenter l’aventure Thaï. Et là ce fut la révélation pour le Jeune Antoine à peine 10 ans il découvre le Muay Thaï et il s’entraine à la mode thaï, comme les jeunes de son âge en Thaïlande. En 2011 le voilà qui boxe dans les stadiums les plus mythiques de Thaïlande, il vit de sa passion et sereinement.

Antoine Pinto, je vis la tradition du muay Thai

"Le plus simplement du monde"

Salut Antoine, tu es le français le plus en vue en Thaïlande comment tu vies ce statut ?
Bonjour, cool la première question! Je vis bien mon évolution dans la boxe en Thaïlande et à l’export mais je ne suis pas seul : il y a aussi mon frère Leo siangboxing et Damien Alamos qui brillent dans le contexte thai.

Comment le petit gars de Toulouse est devenu un Nak Muay respecté en Thaïlande et boxer dans les plus grandes soirées et stadium Mythique ?
Par pur hasard car il y avait un camp tout prêt de la maison et se fut un bon moyen d’intégration, d’apprentissage de la langue et de la culture thaï. Ensuite, en suivant le même parcours que les thaïlandais et en faisant ses preuves dans les villages, en province pour ensuite finir à Bangkok. Souvent les étrangers veulent bruler les étapes et cela les déserts car ils ne naviguent pas sur le même circuit. le fait d’avoir été à l’école thaï et de parler couramment la langue aide aussi.

Avec tes parents et ton frère vous vivez en Thaïlande depuis des années comment cela se passe la vie dans la Mecque du Muay Thaï ?
Le plus simplement du monde. On vit notre passion commune et on en a fait notre métier. Quoi de plus sympa.

Tu fais ton grand retour en Europe avec un combat le 17 septembre à Stuttgart (Allemagne) pour le Thaïlande vs Europe ?
Oui, dans le cadre de Thaïlande vs challenger Séries et d’élite boxing qui font une étape européenne ou Je devrais rencontrer le champion du Lumpini en titre, Thanongdeth. Une très belle affiche internationale avec retransmission en live sur ESPN et Eurosport.

Antoine Pinto, je vis la tradition du muay Thai

"Ici tout est possible"

A peine 20 ans et tu as déjà 137 combats professionnels ?
Oui, mais ici c’est très commun pour un boxeur mes adversaires thaï en n’ont très souvent plus que moi.

Comment tu vois l’évolution du muay en France et en Europe ?
Assez bien, si les gens en France ont la capacité d’arrêter leurs stupides querelles de clocher, de fédérations et qu’un peu plus de respect de la culture thaï. Il suffit de voir La fulgurante évolution ailleurs de ce sport (Chine, Hong Kong, Singapour, Malaisie, pays de l’est, Emirats, reste de l’Europe et même usa…) la stagnation ou régression est une affaire franco-française. dommage ! il faut d’abord donner du spectacle et faire aimer les boxes et pas se servir de la boxe comme support à je ne sais quoi.

Comment se passe une journée d’Antoine Pinto ?
Entrainements 6 jours sur 7 comme les autres.6h00 par jour en 2 sessions de 3hoo matin et soir…pour le reste il faut venir sur place pour tester et comprendre la vie des boxeurs pros.

Quels conseils tu donnerais à un jeune qui aimerait tenter l’aventure et vivre en Thaïlande ?
Tout est possible si on le veut boxe est une réalité professionnelle ici et pas un rêve à la « Brice de Nice ».il faut venir avec les idées claires et être bien entouré. Les gens qui fuient leurs problèmes seront immédiatement à la ramasse car ils vont revenir au galop multiplié par 12000kms d’éloignement et la chute sera d’autant plus faut du courage et de la détermination car la Thaïlande n’est pas un fait le paradis terrestre cela existe ?

Antoine Pinto, je vis la tradition du muay Thai

"Un camp familial"

Peux-tu nous présenter le camp de Siangboxing créé par ton Père ?
C’est un camp familial créé il y a plus de 10 ans, proche de la mer dans une est situé à 350km au sud de Bangkok dans la province de prachuapkirikhan qui reste un site authentique loin du tourisme de masse et autres types de tourismes dont je ne veux même pas parler car ils ne sont pas le réel reflet de la vraie Thaïlande. Ce gymnase est ouvert à tous types de public ainsi qu’aux boxeurs pro du monde entier qui viennent y préparer leurs combats ou leurs échéances pugilistiques. Avec mon jeune frère nous sommes de plus en plus actifs dans la gestion et l’organisation des stages ou des combats pour nos stagiaires .nous préparent l’ouverture de 2 nouveaux camps dans un avenir proche.

Qu’est-ce qu’on peut te souhaiter de bon pour l’avenir ?
De continuer à avoir la santé, le sourire et la passion car sans cela a quoi bon continuer dans cette activité.

Mot de la Fin ?
Merci à vous pour cette tribune et good luck à tous les boxeurs français qui osent et oseront par patriotisme porter hautes les couleurs de notre drapeau sur tous les rings du monde


Kick-off to stardom

September 14,2011

Muay Thai fighter Antoine Pinto, 20, dubbed 'Kid Shark' in Thai, hopes competing in The Challenger Muay Thai will raise his profile.
Photo: AXN


Muay Thai boxer Antoine Pinto will be facing 15 of the world's best fighters in a reality TV show


By Barry C Chung


Muay Thai fighters possess the most lethal leg kicks in martial arts. Although taekwondo kicks look more spectacular, they do not have the bone-on-bone impact of a tae tad, or Thai-style round kick.

Stand within striking range of a nak muay, or Thai boxer, and you will be overwhelmed by a flurry of deadly knees and razor-sharp elbows.

Antoine Pinto, aka Antuan Siangboxing, can tell you about that. Dubbed Dek Shlam, or "Kid Shark" in Thai, Pinto is only 20, yet he has more than 100 wins and 14 titles under his belt, including the eight-man I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Prix tournament in Hong Kong this April.

"I wake up at 6am every day and run about eight to 10km," Pinto tells Young Post from his home base in Thailand.

"Then I go back to the gym and train two hours, eat, rest and wake up at 3pm and go run again for 3 to 4km, [followed] by another three hours in the gym."

Despite all his accomplishments in the ring, it's his boyish good looks that give him extra appeal - particularly among female viewers of The Challenger Muay Thai.

The television programme will pit Pinto against 15 top Muay Thai fighters in the world.

Each of the 13 episodes will explore different Muay Thai techniques using fists, elbows, knees and feet.

Two fighters demonstrate them by fighting it out in the ring. The winner goes on to the next round; the loser goes home.

Pinto and the other fighters will be in Malaysia, living under the same roof. This group of feisty fighters should ensure great television.

The France-born Pinto moved to Thailand with his family 10 years ago. "My brother [Leo, also a Muay Thai fighter] and I had no friends here," he says. "But there was a little gym on the beach near our house. So we both went there to meet some boys and play around. I didn't know what was Muay Thai at all."

At first, he simply wanted to fit in by doing Muay Thai, but since then he has never looked back. He fought his first professional bout at 13. He quickly progressed and became junior champion of Southern Thailand in the 56kg category before he was 14.

Pinto says he decided to compete in The Challenger Muay Thai to pit himself against some of the world's best fighters. "If I win the first prize, maybe I'll set up a new gym in another country - perhaps Hong Kong or Singapore," he says.

The Challenger Muay Thai begins tomorrow at 10pm on AXN



Saturday, October 1, 2011
The Challenger MuayThai
by Antoine Pinto

I was very honored to be chosen with Cedric Muller to represent my country in this international Muaythai show, as well as being an ambassador for the sport because this event will affect millions of viewers worldwide. I think Stefan Fox and his team chose me for my experience in Thailand and my good results this past year.

It was a beautiful experience of for me to participate in The Challenger Muay Thai, but it was also a tough experience because I am one of the youngest boxers, one of the lightest and for the first time I had to fight, train and live without my family, coaches and elsewhere.
The hardest part was being forbidden to communicate with the outside and you having to choose which boxer to fight, because every boxer lives day and night with you. It definitely creates tension in the house.

The issue I had with Fadi Merza was not serious. When I changed my bag up to be near my friend Faisal in the room, Fadi was very tense. He is a native of southern Europe, so he gets carried away and his blood gets warm very fast. Fadi made it an obsession to fight me because I got a laugh out of an adult who acts like a child, it was very funny to me.

My first fight was against Ilya Grad. The first time I chose my opponent the staff disagreed with my choice because Cyrus had not been chosen as a boxer with good knees. After this Cyrus was very angry with me, stupid reaction because you come to fight not be on a holiday on this show. The staff chose Ilya to fight me instead, I was OK with the fight because I knew I could win easily against him. The only two problems to resolve was that he was 193 cm (6'3") and 77kg (170lbs).

This fight was hard, but not close. At the end of the first round Ilya cut and hurt me with elbows and won the round. I still confident I was going to win because I quickly understood what his tactic for the fight was, move forward and use big elbows. When you do that you open up and can't protect yourself. I started to kick right and he never blocked in rounds 2 and 3. In round 4 he did not see that I changed my guard and I threw all my left middle kicks. In round 5 I had some very good coaching from Nuggets, he asked me to create a stir by using combinations not performed before. Punches and kicks to the head and flying knees, 90% of the techniques were successful and allowed me to get the victory.

I am still not pleased with my performance because I took a good amount of damage and I knew recovering before the next fight would not be easy.

I would like to thank my fellow Vouri Cedric Muller as he always encouraged me throughout the fight and also others such as Jordan Watson and Vuyisile Colosaa. Despite being potential opponents they cheered me on as well, a big and good lesson in sportsmanship.

Thanks to all my fans for your support and I will try to make you proud again for my next fight.